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mortgage calculator Netherlands

The importance of mortgage and tax advice

Expats and mortgages

Buying a house is a complicated matter for expats in Amsterdam. It’s very important you are well-prepared and informed. That’s why you should always contact a professional mortgage advisor Amsterdam before you start looking. They give you all the information you need and they will explain all your possibilities. Finsens consultancy firm is good example of an expert in mortgage advice. Their independent mortgage advisor Amsterdam always looks for the perfect solution that fits your current financial situation.

Calculate your mortgage

Expats can get a rough idea of the mortgage they will be able to get by using the mortgage calculator Netherlands. This mortgage calculator Netherlands is a tool Finsens developed so people can get a first indication of the amount of money they could get. This calculator only needs some basic personal information and gives you a correct and realistic idea about your maximum mortgage.

Buy to let mortgage

Expats are always looking for new investment opportunities. That’s why Finsens is also specialized in the buy to let mortgage. A buy to let mortgage is created for those people who want to purchase a property to rent it out again. Finsens will assess your financial situation to see if you are suitable for this investment mortgage.

Professional tax advice

Finches financial firm is, besides a mortgage advisor, also a renowned tax advisor Amsterdam. The Dutch tax system is quite complicated and most foreigners need a professional tax advisor Amsterdam to get all their paperwork handled correctly. As you can see, Finsens is a very experienced financial advisor that will solve all your mortgage and tax related matters in no time!