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Why buy IPv4 address space using a broker?

With the last unique IPv4 address block allocated a few years ago, the monetization of these addresses has taken a flight. Businesses worldwide are eagerly looking to either buy or sell IPv4 address blocks against attractive rates. However, the market is complex and navigation requires thorough knowledge and understanding of RIR rules and regulations. This is why more and more parties call in the help of specialized brokers.

Approaches to obtained IPv4 addresses

Two approaches to addressing the shortage of IP addresses in the marketplace are disclosed; either through subscription to a larger pool of address blocks or through monetization of existing address blocks. The first approach, the subscription of an entire address block, can be achieved either through an existing carrier contract or through a new open market arrangement. Under a carrier contract, an enterprise can acquire an entire block of advertised IP addresses from a networking company at a discount. Similarly, an enterprise that purchases an already established block of advertised IP addresses can engage in a monetization process that offers a discount on the address after a period of time.

The second approach to addressing potential IPV4 address exhaustion is through monetization. In a typical monetization scenario, an enterprise that has an existing pool of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses pays a fee to a networking company for the increased amount of available IP addresses. The cost per address is generally less than the cost of new IP addresses from a networking vendor. Another advantage of monetizing IP addressing is that an enterprise that has exhausted its existing pool of IP addresses does not need to invest in the acquisition of new ones to bridge the gap; therefore, the enterprise can save the expense of investing in IP addresses and its associated equipment.

The benefits of consulting a broker 

As said before, the process of transferring IPv4 address blocks is complex if not nearly impossible if you are not aware of the right procedures. Brokers therefore pose the solution to dreaded administrative requirements and matters concerning law, rules and regulations. When you want to buy IP address space, a trusted broker will provide you with the best deals and connect you to parties authorized to trade.